Five Useful Android Application Every YouTubers Must Have


As we all know that YouTube is the video sharing website where we user can share their video to other and earn revenue by monetizing video through adsense. Those whose uploading video for earning we can call them a youtubers. I bet you this article I very useful for youtubers who spent their lot of time in Smartphone because I’m going to tell you five useful app for youtubers which help then to organized their channel on mobile. So let’s begin.


Open Camera

Open camera is best camera app to captured yours YouTube videos. This app is free from advertisement. It’s has very great features to recording videos. This app is very useful who making vlog for their YouTube channel you can also record your video in HD format.

The video which you record by open camera contain small file size. You can also change video resolution I suggest you to pick a highest for your device. Video stabilization features help you take shake out of video.

Download application :-

YouTube Creator studio

YouTube creator studio is the second useful application for youtubers. This app help the youtubers to dealing their channel on cell phone. Now days we spent our lot of time on our mobile so this app is very use full to manage YouTube channel. With the help of YouTube creator studio you can see comments and give them a reply immediately. View analytical or check YouTube earning and edit the detail of your video.

download now :-


Legend app is used to make a animation text intro for your YouTube videos. This app is very user friendly you can easily edit your animation intro there are lot of animation effect available on it

1 Open legend application

2 Type a text and then tap on tick mark

3 Choose any animation effect and background which one you like.

4 Now download your video in HD format.

Download Now :-

KINE’ Master

Kine master application is use for video editing. This is also a free app for video editing . You can also download the kine master tutorial guide from play store. Video clips and layers can be trimmed precisely at frame-by-frame. Kine Master supports unlimited text, image, handwriting and sticker layers, as well as up to two video layers on supported devices. Adjust the speed of your video from 0.25x up to 1.5x without distorting the audio pitch, to achieve slow- and fast-motion effects. Adjust the speed of your video from 0.25x up to 1.5x without distorting the audio pitch, to achieve slow- and fast-motion effects.


Open Pixel Lab

Thumbnail play important role to attract the audience to watch your youtube videos . so open  pixel lap app is used to create the thumbnail for you. Using this app everyone can a thumbnail easily without knowledge of any graphic designing. Open pixel lab application is use to make a thumbnail for your YouTube video.

1 Open pixel lab application

2 Select the YouTube thumbnail size.

3 Now type the text.

4 select the text color and adjust your text .

5 Select the text background color.

6 Now align your text.

7 And then save the image in your device


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