Create The One click Shutdown Button to Shutdown Computer Completely

How To Create One Click Shutdown Button to Shutdown Your PC/Laptop Completely.

You jumped into this article cause you want to know how to completely shutdown yours computer as soon as possible .Yes you are right their is the trick to shut down your PC or laptop just in one click ..
This is effortless step you just need to follow my step which i have written in below

Procedure To Create the Shutdown button.

  •  Step 1:- First Go To Desktop right Click On Desktop Anywhere.
  •  Step 2:- On Popup click the new and then click on “New Shortcut” .
  •  Step 3:- after step 2 box will appear in box you have to type “Shutdown /s /t 0” without the quotation marks.
  • Step 4 :- click next button . then type the name of your shortcut button.

          “Now Your shutdown shortcut button appear in Desktop”

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