VLC Crashing VLsub / Not Download Subtitle Directly


If you have problems to download subtitle directly  from VLC .So this article will help you to rid out from this situation .

Follow the Step which are given below .

STEP 1:-   First you need to install Notepad++ into your system.
download link of Notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.3.html

STEP 2:-  After install notepad++ open it and go  to
plugins > plugins  manger  >  show in plugins manger.

STEP 3 :-  In available section find “hex editor”  in the list mark it and install .

STEP 4 :-  Now go to disk drive where you install vlc and navigate
VideoLAN > vlc >lun extension

STEP 5 :- you can see the file name Vlsub.luac open it in Notepadd ++

STEP 6 :-  from plugins select HEX editor
and then select view in HEX

STEP 7:-  Press CTRL+F  Go to replace section
in Find what bot type HTTP/1.1 and Replace box type HTTP/1.0 and change the data
type to ANSI String and click on replace

now save the file by pressing CTRL+ S Notepad++ will ask you to run as a admin
press yes it will be automatically run as a admin

STEP 8:- Now save the file again

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