What I Learn After the Html And CSS

What I Learn After the Html And CSS

What Do Next After XHTML and CSS

Html and CSS is the first stage for a web developer. when you learned the XHTML and CSS is not meant that

You Become a web developer. XHTML and CSS are your first stage of a web developer. In another word, XHTML and CSS is yours first stop now it’s time to move on to the next stop Which is JavaScript.

Which handles things client side (e.g. changing the HTML and CSS without reloading the page, making animations, etc.)

It’s very important to say that you have a good grasp on XHTML, CSS and JavaScript before moving to the server sided languages (like PHP, Ruby etc)

my view is that it is best to finish one area before moving onto the next I am sure you believe this too, but perhaps your resistance towards it is due to you trying it before. Doing this will round off your front-end development(HTML .CSS JavaScript ) skills before you move onto the next step with is server sided skills (which you may also want to explore other languages than just PHP)

At below I mentioning some languages which I prefer to learn step by step

  1. HTML, CSS
    3. Jquery (a Javascript library. Can be used to create breathtaking UI)
    4.PHP and MySQL (Databases are awesome)
    5. Python (Great for creating web applications)
    6. Ruby
    this language is most recommend languages in the world of programming so let’s get started to grasp the coding skill

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