How to Find Smartphone Using Find My Device

Most of the time you used words “Did you See my Phone” because you placed your smartphones somewhere and forget where you placed it. Then you asked someone to ring the bell on your smartphone so you can find it or sometimes your smartphone has been stolen and there was some classified data into it and you don’t want that nobody can read your data.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about because you can locate your device and erase all the data on your device with just one click using the

Procedure to find the device and erase the data from the device

Step 1: Open your favorite internet browser. And search the .com/find.

Step 2: Now login with mobile account id which accounts you used for play store.

Step 3: After the login the find my device web page is open on your desktop then make sure Your current device is selected which you want to erase all the data from the device.

Step 4: By considering the above picture as an example the Samsung grand prime plus device selected. And you see three option which are





If you click the playsound it will ring the bell on your phone and you can easily find the phone but be sure 100 the specific area where you loss your phone so you can hear the ringing.

Second option Lock help to lock your phone and leave any message or cell no on your phone so if somebody finds your phone he can call you.

When above two option didn’t work for you then use the third option erase to simply erase all your data from the mobile.


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